Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My MareBear Sings!! ...and they said she'd never talk, yah right =)

A Wedding, a Baby & a Funeral

NOPE, it's NOT a title for a new comedy or movie, but my life this past few months! From one end of the spectrum to the other, life has been exciting to say the very least! Sadie & Jordan were married in March, in April Kristen & Dave became the parents of beautiful Sydnie Anne, and my beloved Grandma Wolfe, who lived a long and happy life of 93 years, died Easter morning. All events, including the funeral were celebrations of life, love and family....these are days I will never forget and will cherish forever...

THE WEDDING, and events leading up to....

Welcome SYDNIE ANNE GEURTS...I am head over heels in love!

And a FUNERAL...

(picts coming!)

Life has been challenging but GOOD...I miss Brad like hell, although I spend alot of evenings talking to him on the phone (usually late after he's off work) Brad is just someone who is such a GOOD person and challenges himself daily to learn more, reach out and expand his horizons...he's an inspiration to me and not only my son, but a best friend as well. And my dear Mother, whom I love and admire so much, visits her home here often-ish and we talk alot, but it never replaces spending time with her... atleast I can go visit BOTH of them in beautiful San Diego often =) Kasey is presently my roommate while he searches for housing, he and Brennan are seperated and working on getting divorced, very sad, but they both have the desire to put sweet Maren at the top of their priority lists and see that she's happy & well taken care of...definitely a group effort and I love EVERY minute I get to spend with her!! Kasey is doing really well in every other area, though! He continues to do very well in his job (selling marketing videos for internet sites) and as usual, making a lot of new friends and rekindling some older friendships making him rather busy between being a #1 daddy to Maren, working and a now busy social life! I posted a video of Maren on this blog, even though I was embarrassed of my part (singing wasn't my top talent ever) but it showcases how amazing this little girl is, and how she can spread sunshine effortlessly! Sadie and Jordan are living in Kristen's old condo which they were not able to sell before buying their new home, so it worked out nicely for both of them! They've made their new home so cute and inviting, and to see them intertwine their lives and styles has been fun to watch. They seem very happy and I love having them close! I go have lunch often with Sadie (and Jordan) up at the U of U hospital where they both work and go to school, and she will still make my day occasionally and come over after work and hang out with me, I love it... And definitely last and NOT least by ANY means, the newest star straight from the heavens was born 3 1/2 weeks ago. Sydnie Anne Geurts came to this world in her own way and on her own time! Although Kristen had to deliver her by emergency C-section, this little angel is as perfect as they come! I cannot get enough of holding and loving her, and wish I could more, but she has a very competant mother who is totally in love, as well. She and Dave bought a darling home in Holliday near the base of Big & Little Cottonwood canyons, and with some work they've made it an amazing place! Kristen has decided that staying home with her "mini me" (she is Kristen's TWIN!) was the ONLY option and can't even imagine going back to work like she thought she'd be doing. She is a great mother and she amazes me continually.

As for me, well, I left Arizona for good last September and am looking forward with a lot of hope and plans of living life for me, fulfilling a dream or two that I've put into deep storage somewhere in my heart. I still do freelance Makeup as a side job and LOVE IT, but am also looking for something a little more stable and income producing (like a paycheck?!?! lol) I feel lucky for what I do have and always enjoy finding what's around the next is good.


Maren Sings!

A play day with Maren~ here she unveils here new talent for singing... and to think they said she'd never speak more than 10 words!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Drum Roll, please .... I am so happy and excited to announce that I am going to be a Grandma again!! Kristen and Dave announced that they're having a baby mid April and EVERYONE in incredibly excited!! Take a look at these incredible ultrasound images!! At 14 weeks, you can see amazing features...dang, this is gonna be one cute baby!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

...a little game of catch up??


It's been quite awhile (forgot I had this blog!) so I'll try to update my life's activities in a reasonable amount of time and space. For the past 10 months I have had the honor and privilege of caring for my 5 year old Granddaughter, Maren... while this has been one of the biggest challenges I've ever had, by far one of the most wonderful and rewarding. Maren is an extremely beautiful, bright, special needs little girl who changes lives...I know.
Other highlights, I had an amazing post Christmas season with lots of family around...cousins Ryan, Andy and Auntie Bev came to stay in Utah, and we had a houseful of non-stop fun! My Mama came to visit, and Kristen, Brad, Dave, Sadie & Jordan and even a friend or two practically lived at the house when we weren't out or skiing. Lauren and Russell and kids visited lots to make it even more fun...really just a time that I think we all treasured, didn't want to end, and want to do again!
Brad moved to San Diego, lives on a boat in the Mission Bay area, works at a very posh, high priced hotel (Hotel Se'), bought a car and is literally working AND partying his A$$ off, having the time of his life! Of course, having my Mama living there was a good reason to visit, but adding BRAD to the San Diego picture, made it all too irresistible to NOT visit as often as I could! Any time with Brad is a good time... Kristen and I even took Maren on a road trip all the way from Utah to San Diego and she LOVED the ocean (no fear!) and was SO ecstatic to see and be reunited with her Uncle Brad again!
Currently, I'm in AZ, kinda back where I started and trying to rebuild my life, hopefully a little smarter, stronger & wiser... the next chapters are up to me, I hope, as I am trying to take charge of my life rather than it taking control of me!! I just had another birthday (undisclosed date/age) but am happy, pretty healthy and looking forward to good times ahead...

PS...This past 10+ months have been tough and I have a lot of people to be grateful for...I have an amazing family, my kids seem to always be there when I really need them. But one unsung heroin who has supported me in more ways than I can even convey, is my wonderful Mother...I honestly DO NOT know how I would have survived life for the past while without her! She is a truly gracious, loving, giving and supportive mother and friend to me...I love you, Mom!!

Other family and misc pics...

Sadie & Jordan visiting AZ

Lauren & Russell wedding

My ??? Birthday...

My most recent job...I did the makeup for six beautiful Korean ladies in my friend, Min's, bridal party in San Diego...a LOT of fun!!

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